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Through Energy


Grayblock Power is accelerating local clean energy projects through digital ownership. Learn more about this exciting opportunity: 

Our Approach

Grayblock Power bridges the missing link between energy developers and the end consumer. Customers of utilities, co-ops or regional electricity areas can browse and review local energy projects in operation or under development. Customers are provided with the knowledge, education, transparency and benefits of direct ownership through a tailor-made cyber-secure service.

Our approach not only reduces administrative costs but brings the convenience of eCommerce with the capacity for peer-to-peer transactions. We believe this type of service will accelerate and provide advantages to future local clean energy projects.

The Advantage 

For Energy Developers

Expand your base,

build your brand

Reduce overhead and

administrative burden

Make use of crowd

 sourced financing

Energy Ownership

With Grayblock

Browse projects

by location

Earn energy credits

and trade peer-to-peer

Transparent and

secure transactions

Real time monitoring

of energy and CO2

Help accelerate local

clean energy projects

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